Allegri has taken another step forward after the wolf game.

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Massimo Allegri Amelia Herrera master of Juventus that his team was another step forward after the game against Roma last night,

“Zebra” slash home defeat. “Wolves of Rome” with a score of 1-0 in the Serie A game last night,

Moise Kean scored the only goal in that game. And although the visitors were awarded a penalty at the end of the first half, but Jordan Verture missed the shot

, Allegri admitted that he was satisfied with the result. And pointing out that they are taking another step in the right direction.

“I like the result 1-0, it’s a good result. Especially when we keep another clean sheet,

” he told DAZN. “Roma is a great technical team. They were very talented and caused us problems from the beginning of the game. Then we score goals and get better over time.”

“We have players that are better suited for counter-attacking. That’s their character. So when we try to dominate the ball It’s only when we accidentally or bleed on our faces.”

“This was an important victory. It’s another climb to the top of the table and it’s the next step in the process this season. We’re missing (Paul) Dybala, (Matteis) de Ligt and (Adrian) Rabio. Plus (Alvaro) Morata just came on the field at the end of the game. But when everyone plays with the spirit You won’t concede a lot of goals.”

“We started the game at the right time. But we have to speed up if the time is needed. I’m serious. We could have been dangerous early in the game based on my decisions. I need to get to know some players. including their characters But we’re getting to that point.”