‘Be Rod’ reveals how to deal with Cristiano Ronaldo and the attack game.

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Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers has explained his plans for Manchester United’s attack, with Cristiano Ronaldo heading the King Power. The stadium beat Manchester United 4-2 in this match, Cristiano Ronaldo unable to make a move, but Mason Greenwood and Marcus Rashford scored.

“The awareness of your defender This is what you need to focus on throughout the game. There were moments at the end where he looked like he could score a goal,” Rodgers said of Ronaldo.

” Cristiano’s playing has changed over the years. From being a dribbler to an amazing finisher. Most of his goals came in the box. So that’s how he played during most of the tournament.

“You have to worry more than just him. Because with Bruno Fernandes coming back and scoring in midweek [international], Cristiano Ronaldo who scored a hat-trick, and Mason, you saw his shot, it was brilliant. He is the ultimate rising star. Then there are players like Marcus J. Don Sancho and down again

, “they talented. Overall in team play You have to coordinate with each other in chasing presses. to try to stop the ball from reaching them

“When they enter the penalty area They will definitely be able to do that. You have to be completely focused. And luckily we did a good job in that area.”