“Bruce” would like to be fired by Newcastle United in full.

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Jamie Redknapp thinks Newcastle United manager Steve Bruce would be relieved if he was ultimately sacked.

On Sunday night, “Newcastle United” opened home to a 3-2 defeat to Tottenham Hotspur, leaving them unbeaten and holding back the bottom of the Premier League table.

In the past week, despite the news that Bruce is set to leave the post after the club took over from Mike Ashley, the 60-year-old is still proving himself.

He has a contract at St James’ Park until the end of the season. But now the fans are increasingly shouting for him from his position.

If Newcastle sack Bruce from his position now. Reports say they will have to pay more than £8 million in compensation

after the latest game, the Englishman said he still wants to work with the team. But Redknapp sees that now in his heart he would like to be completely fired.

“If I had to say it really. I felt that Bruce would have wanted to be pulled out of this suffering. He is a symbol of the former owner (in the eyes of the fans).”

“He will hate every second now. You’re not happy about it. He’s a nice guy. I respect him a lot. But when he got the call, I think he will be relieved,” he said.