“Conte” is not suitable for Manchester United instead of “Solskjaer”

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Gary Neville believes Manchester United will not sack Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and bring in Antonio Conte as their replacement.

On Saturday, the Red Devils lost 4-2 to Leicester City, keeping them out of their drought.

Solskjaer’s side have now failed to win three league games in a row, leaving the Norwegian in a heated position.

Many famous managers have been linked with Manchester United, one of which is Conte, who is unemployed, however, Neville commented. “Conte won’t be Manchester United manager, I don’t think so,” he told social media

. He’s a great manager. I just think that some managers are suitable for Bang Satosorn. And I do not think that the Conte would suit United, “

“. as I said He’s a great manager but I feel like it’s not yet.

One fan said Conte could lead the team to the league title if he had him manage a team with the right players. But Neville said “I don’t believe that. We tried it with Jose [Mourinho], we didn’t win the [League] and it was all messed up in the end and everyone wanted him to leave,” he said.

When one viewer suggested Conte would win the title if given the right squad, Neville replied: ‘I’m not in to that, giving someone a squad. We tried that with Jose, “Give Jose a squad and we’ll definitely win the league”. We didn’t, and in the end it was a mess and everybody wanted him out.’