Jordan blamed Lukaku to consider what he said.

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Simon Jordan, football guru and former Crystal Palace owner, has slammed Romelu Lukaku that he should learn the timing of his speech. After that interview is not happy with Chelsea

Football Belgian recently transferred from Inter Milan back to the local Stamford Ford Bridge for a fee of up to 97.5 million pounds during the past summer.

However, pioneered the age of 28. Has revealed that he is not happy in the army. “Sing the Blues” through an interview that was published last week,

Jordan blamed Lukaku to consider what he said. While his interviews are widely criticized.

“He needs to learn that when you speak, speak to somebody and say,” he said to White And by Jordan Show

“airs here is the kicker, do more than they should. and try to influence the consequences.”

“I know it sounds like I’m one-sided. But if the ceiling is not set for the players You will have to face chaos. The players will say what they want to say. do what you want to do There will be no rules at all

. He was paid a large wage, was greatly recognized. and played with one of the best teams in this country.”

“He returned to Chelsea where he didn’t succeed the first time. And now he comes and says he’s not happy.”