“McArthur”, hit Saga in full, but survived the red.

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta I don’t understand why Crystal Palace’s James McArthur was not shown a red card for a pass-free kick at Bukayo Saka in a match that the Gunners were chasing at home. 

“Prasat Ruean Kaew” 2-2 There was a problem at the end of the first half. Mcarthur Trying to hit a volley in front of the box but instead of hitting the ball but pushing Saka’s calf full,

causing the player to suffer an injury and have to be substituted at half-time, while McArthur Only received a yellow card in such a stroke, even though referee Mike Dean would blow the game to stop it.

“We have to change Saga. He left because he couldn’t continue. He was in a lot of pain in his leg. I saw that moment and couldn’t believe McArthur. I will continue playing on the pitch,” Arteta told Sky Sports after the game.

“It should definitely be a red card. If we really want to detect what is involved in the game and change the game. They should have come and look at this

rhythm. Therefore, it affects both sides. It’s not entirely correct.”

“You have to make a clear decision. When it was clear that they had to play with only 10 players left

. can’t continue playing He was a strong boy and wanted to continue playing but he couldn’t play. We need urgent changes in the next game. So we have to wait and see for him again.”