“Mendy” reveals the secret to the sticky form of Brentford game

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Chelsea goalkeeper Eduard Mendy has revealed that “hard work” was behind the tough performance he showed against Brentford.

Senegal national team goalkeeper Showing world-class form helped “Sing the Blues” invade the “Destroyer Bee” 1-0, with him making important saves several times.

“I’m happy with the results I showed,” Mendy told the website. chelseafc.com

“It comes from hard work. I prepare during the week with my teammates and coaches to help the team. Then I can do that.

“We know we will play against very strong teams, they have shown that since promotion to the Premier League, especially at home games against Arsenal and Liverpool. That gave us a very good result.

“It was a very difficult game. It’s a super intense game and the atmosphere is wonderful.

“We must endure together. We go through obstacles together. It is a good thing and now we have to build on this momentum in the Champions League.” ufabet report

Chelsea goalkeeper Edouard Mendy has said “hard work” was behind his performance against Brentford.

The Senegalese produced a world-class effort to help Chelsea claim a 1-0 away victory.

“We knew we were coming up against a very difficult team. They have shown that since they got promoted to the Premier League, especially at home against Arsenal and Liverpool. That makes it a really good result.

“It was very hard. There was so much intensity in the game, and a great atmosphere. We had to suffer and we suffered together. We passed the hurdle together. It’s a positive and now we need to build on this momentum in the Champions League.”