“Raiola” hopes to push “Pogba” to join the Brotherhood.

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ufabet  reported that Minogue Rio’s agent Paul Pogba is trying to push the players to care for a move to Real Madrid after his contract with Manchester United ended the season.

Midfielder 28 still has a contract with the “Red Devils” until the summer of next year only. And even the agency is negotiating to extend the contract. But they still haven’t been able to reach an agreement.

Raiola had previously been reported to have contacted Barcelona to offer him. The chance to sign the France international on a free transfer in the summer,

however, recent reports suggest that Raiola is trying to push the player in charge of the club . He moved to join the army. “White King” free after the contract at Old Trafford ended.

The report states that Raiola is hoping to bring Pogba to join fellow striker Kylian Mbappe, who is believed to be moving to the Bernabeu following a contract with Paris Saint-Germain. Share ended in the summer of next year.

The report also reveals that Madrid are ready to provide the player with a salary of almost 12 million pounds per year. Including a bonus of 25 million pounds when signing a contract with the army.