Shearer pointed out that the ghost missed last year because the midfield.

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Former Newcastle United striker and football guru Alan Shearer has pointed out that Manchester United are still having the same problems as last season. Because they do not strengthen the midfield,

United just beaten 4-2 to Leicester City in the Premier League game over the weekend.

“Red Devils” have performed poorly in that game. It has been heavily criticized for playing without a pattern. Until they fell to the sixth position of the table is completed.

Shearer pointed out that United still have a repeat problem from last year. Due to not strengthening the middle ground, which has been a problem for a long time And suggest that if there is no idea to play, then focus on the defensive game firmly first.

“That was the problem with Manchester United last season. They didn’t invest in reinforcements in that position. It remains so this season,” he told BBC’s Match of the Day.

“There’s no one to chase Press and control the situation from the front, you can’t do that in the Premier League, they could always score goals, Man United, because they have a great attacking line. But you can not create pressure without aggressive “

” If you do not know what to do to get put down and the game gets tight game. The team I saw had no idea where they had to move or where their genes were. When they play the offensive game it looks mediocre and doesn’t go together as a whole team.”