Turkish millionaire ‘Byrak’ reveals talks with lawyer Akoo to buy Chelsea

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Another has emerged after Turkish billionaire Muhsin Byrak claimed he was in talks with Roman Abramovich’s lawyer over the acquisition of Chelsea

on Wednesday. Shocked by the announcement of Chelsea’s sale after nearly two decades of ownership, the

Russian billionaire decided to sell the club amid his country’s conflict with Ukraine. This has led to questions in the UK’s parliament over whether Abramovich should be sanctioned as well,

Which has prompted Abramovich to try to sell all of his assets in London. Before the ruling government decides, including Che. His beloved club, Chelsea,

previously Todd Bohly and Hans York Wiess, two billionaires from the United States and Switzerland, were the favorites to take over the Blues for £3. However, Byrak the ufabet

insists negotiations are on as well and believes the Turkish flag will fly in London soon.

“We are negotiating an offer to buy Chelsea FC with Roman Abramovich’s lawyer,” Bayrak told Yeni Safak in his hometown.

“We are in the process of negotiating a contract. The Turkish flag is going to fly in London soon.”

“We have made an offer. They want to take the money after most of the sale to Turkey because they found Turkey safe, because of the ongoing Russian-Ukraine war,” said Byrak,


one of his families. Turkey’s largest He is also the chairman of the board of directors of AB Group Holdings, which invests in crypto, construction, tourism and energy businesses

. AB Group was founded by Byrak in 1999 and is based in Isla. Tanbull but also has business in Italy, Greece including Spain Their company is believed to be worth £8 billion and is also invested in London.